The UK's leading company supplying DVDs & CDs to the over 50s demographic.
A major Rights Holder of Movies & TV Programmes.

What We Do

Simply Media mainly sells DVD’s but also sells CD’s and other products. It recently commenced Digital Delivery/Download Sales. Simply specialises in products targeted at an older, 50 plus but skewed to over 60, demographic. The Consumer Demographic in respect of Online/Website Sales tend to be to a slightly younger demographic. This Online demographic trend is being actively developed by the Group. Simply is the UK’s largest DVD operator, and biggest Rights Owner, in this niche over 50s segment who hold 80% of the UK’s assets/wealth.

Simply acquires Rights from the owners/producers of Movies and TV Programmes. These rights may be owned, or controlled, by a Production company, TV station such as the BBC, Major Hollywood studios such as Warner Brothers or an intermediary. It also owns some Rights outright.

Simply acquires the Rights, usually the sole/exclusive Rights, to manufacture DVDs from the movies or TV Programmes. The manufacture of the DVD’s is sub contracted to a factory which delivers them to a warehouse from which distribution is controlled by Simply.

Simply acts as a Wholesaler and sells to a variety of Retails and Etailers, such as Tesco. Amongst the other retailers are sister companies within the loose knit Group – see Group Companies tab. These Sales are known as Trade Sales or Business to Business (B to B) Sales. The Group also sells DVD’s, to which it does not own Rights, to Consumers. In this business model ready manufactured DVD’s from third parties who own the relevant DVD Rights are sold directly to Consumers.

In addition, the company is rolling out a multi-product ‘shop’ proposition in conjunction with another Group company – The Reader’s Digest UK.

Simply has a strong Sales and Marketing division, linked to an efficient infrastructure particularly in Logistics and IT.

A Mail Order Catalogue with a circulation larger than many national magazines is sent out on a monthly basis. These are sent to historic and potential Consumers using sophisticated analytical and segmentation tools to exploit a proprietary data base containing over two million names. This database is the result of nearly ten years of Trading History and has been built up through corporate acquisition and New Customer Generation.

The Group has a Consumer website: Consumers can order DVDs, CDs and other products Online. Historically Simply’s Customers have tended to view Online but actually order/buy using a form or coupon in the mail Order Catalogue. This is predominantly for age/demographic reasons. Simply has been taking steps to grow direct Online sales.

There is also a ‘shop in shop’ proposition within some other Retailers sites, such as Amazon, whereby Consumers believe that they are buying from Amazon but in reality are buying from the Group, who also fulfil and deliver that order directly to the Consumer.

Digital Delivery. Simply has acquired rights to sell some of its Movies and TV Programmes Library by means of Digital Delivery i.e. Downloads. The Group is currently being more aggressive in the acquisition, and exploitation, of these Digital Rights.