The Prince of Denmark

Starring: Ronnie Corbett

In the wake of No, That s Me Over Here! and Now Look Here!, this is the third sitcom series penned by Graham Chapman and Barry Cryer for Ronnie Corbett s archetypal everyman. Corbett shines as a pompous but affable ingénue whose witless bluster and eagerness to fit in land him in unwelcome scrapes. The Prince of Denmark is a frayed-at-the-edges pub to which wife Laura (Rosemary Leach) has inherited the lease. But Ronnie soon takes charge, convinced that his past skills as a frustrated insurance salesman will help get things ship-shape. Ronnie s run-ins feature brewery reps posing as customers, a rugby team on a rowdy binge, a woman about to give birth on the billiards table, and a cast of irregular regulars including a ragingly alcoholic commuter (Tim Barrett) who can be relied upon to miss train after train, and a crossword fiend (Michael Nightingale) who talks only in cryptic riddles. Luckily Laura and dependable barman Steve (David Warwick) are on hand to smooth the waters whenever unsinkable Ronnie drifts out of his depth. Corbett may have been put back in a box at Mother s in his next, wildly successful sitcom Sorry!, but Chapman and Cryer s freestyle six-episode precursor is smarter, more satisfying, and just a little more grown-up. written by Graham Chapman and Barry Cryer

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Genre: TV,TV Comedy

Release Date: 17th July 2017

Running Time: 180 min

Cat No: 167513

Barcode: 5019322675136

No Disc: 1

Certification: 12

Format: DVD