The Adventure Game Series 1-4

All surviving episodes of this bonkers intergalactic befuddlement

Join Moira Stewart, Lesley Judd, celebrity guests and a host of shape-changing space dragons on the planet arg for a quiz show like no other…
This cult BBC quiz show was a teatime and Saturday morning hit as the formative years of computer gaming made their mark on children’s TV scheduling.
Devised and later presented by veteran producer Patrick Dowling (Vision On, Why Don’t You…?), it combines elements of Dungeons & Dragons with logic puzzles and a healthy dose of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.
Celebrity contestants are whisked away to the planet Arg, where a mischievous race of space dragons in human form put them through their paces with a series of mind-boggling challenges.
Highlights include the Drogna game, a floor-tile maze of coded shapes and colours; a backwards-talking alien named Rongad (Bill Homewood) whose congratulatory cry “Doogy rev!” became a catchphrase; slippery butler Gandor (Chris Lever); and the Vortex game, where contestants have to cross a hexagonal lattice at a risk of being zapped into oblivion.
Other delights include Moira Stewart presenting the first series in a pre-newsroom jumpsuit, Lesley Judd switching from nimble visitor to ‘The Mole’, the contrasting fortunes of brainiacs Graeme Garden, Johnny Ball, James Burke, Professor Heinz Wolff and a clueless Keith Chegwin, and Noel Edmonds and Fern Britton being vaporised together into deep space.

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Release Date: 26th May 2017

Year of production: 1980

Presented by: Moira Stewart

Running Time: 665 min

Cat No: 167519

Barcode: 5019322675198

No Disc: 5

Certification: PG

Format: DVD