Our Friends In The North

Starring: Christopher Eccleston, Peter Vaughan, Malcolm McDowell, Gina McKee, Daniel Craig

The entire series of the popular BBC Television series charting the lives of a group of four Geordie friends from their teens until middleage Nicky is a radical socialist, determined to devote his life to the class struggle Tosker a Jackthelad with dreams of pop stardom Mary, courted by Nicky and Tosker, is eager to pursue her own professional ambitions and Geordie, a drifter who runs away to London The awardwinning drama starts in 1964 in Newcastle and carries through the swinging Sixties to the recession ridden Seventies By the late Seventies the friends find themselves together again, but the political climate and social changes mean that they are growing further apart Tosker and Marys marriage breaks down, Geordie descends deeper into petty crime and alcoholism, and Nickys political protests manifest themselves by both illegal and legitimate means

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Genre: TV

Release Date: 27th September 2013

Year of production: 1996

Director: Stuart Urban

Cat No: 132331

Barcode: 5019322323310

No Disc: 3

Format: DVD