In Search of the Dark Ages

“The Indiana Jones of TV history…a superb illumination of the Dark Ages” – Radio Times

Follow best loved historian Michael Wood,as he brushes through woodlands and
overgrowth, camera man in tow, to get as close as possible to some remarkable
historical landscapes. The enthusiasm of this Anglo-Saxon-speaking historian is contagious
in this never-before-released 1981 BBC series.

Known for his critically acclaimed work, The Story of India (2007) and Michael Wood’s
Story of England (2010), this was the screen debut for the history Professor. Though his
original ambition was to become a historian, Wood says he was ‘drawn away by television’
and the chance to popularise his lifelong passion.

With subjects ranging from the chivalric King Arthur to the terrifyingly named Eric
Bloodaxe, no part of the series was filmed in a studio, as Wood preferred to get up close
and personal with the landscapes that shaped the face of history.

A dramatic accompanying score of incidental music, creative graphics and exciting historical
locations only add to the thrill of the series.

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Genre: TV

Release Date: 2nd February 2015

Director: Michael Wood

Running Time: 352 min

Cat No: 139253

Barcode: 5019322392538

No Disc: 2

Format: DVD