Here's Harry

Starring: Harry Worth, Jack Woolgar, Joe Gladwin

This rare collection will contain all 11 remaining episodes of Here’s Harry, which aired from 1960-1965, rescued from the BBC’s archives. The other episodes of this popular, long-running series were unfortunately lost or wiped. One episode from Series X The Musician was thought missing forever, but was recovered by our friends at Kaleidoscope for use in this DVD collection.

Remembered today for his iconic shop-window levitation trick in the show’s opening credits, Here’s Harry stars Harry Worth, who forged an award-winning stage and screen persona as a bumbling middle-aged fusspot out of sync with a fast-changing society. Worth revolutionised the comedy of the era, going against the slew of comedians displaying brash humour. Instead, he portrayed a charming and gentle bumbling complainer and do-gooder who produced comedic confusion as he landed himself in all sorts of strange situations. Audiences loved it!

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Genre: Comedy,TV

Release Date: 11th September 2017

Year of production: 1960

Running Time: 300 min

Cat No: 166439

Barcode: 5019322664390

No Disc: 1

Certification: 15

Format: DVD