Starring: Simon Oates, Robert Powell, John Paul

Groundbreaking Science-Fact series Doomwatch is a BBC thriller exploring the real scientific dangers lurking behind some of our greatest fears.

Led by the gruff but incorruptible Doctor Spencer Quist (John Paul), the Doomwatch team struggle tirelessly to protect the people and planet from the never ending threat of science gone wrong.

Quist is assisted by Doctor John Ridge (Simon Oates), a chemist and notorious ladies man with a decidedly shady past and series heartthrob Toby Wren (Robert Powell, Jesus of Nazareth), a conscientious researcher who is deeply committed to his job.

Over three dynamite series the team deal with genetic engineering, chemical waste, nuclear rockets, pollution, wildlife culls, terrorist plots, industrial sabotage to name just a few. The appeal of the show lay in its commitment to exposing real scientific threats and an episode concerning the use of hormones in fish farming, even sparked debate in Westminster!

Doomwatch was created by Gerry Davies and Kit Pedler, the creative duo behind one of Doctor Who’s most memorable villains – the Cybermen.

With an audience of 13million, Doomwatch saw popularity on an unprecedented scale for its Monday night slot and in our current age of anxiety over climate change, the stories and fears it uncovered are as palpable as ever.

Now on DVD for the first time, this series collection comes with the BBC documentary The Cult of Doomwatch about the history and making of the programme and the incredible fandom it spawned.


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Genre: TV

Release Date: 4th April 2016

Running Time: 1210 min

Cat No: 164480

Barcode: 5.01932E+17

No Disc: 7

Certification: 15

Format: DVD