Common as Muck Series 2

Starring: Edward Woodward, Anthony Barclay, Neil Dudgeon, Roy Hudd, Stephen Lord, Kathy Burke, Saeed Jaffrey

A witty, moving and hugely enjoyable series Daily Mirror
Edward Woodward leads his gang of binmen on to the highways and driveways of William Ivorys awardwinning drama
Refuse collectors cope with the realities of redundancy in this muchloved comedy drama
Nev and the lads are back in another series of the awardwinning bittersweet comedy drama This second series takes a new direction, with the story moving on into a brave new world The men face the harsh realities of privatization and redundancy, which stretches friendships to a breaking point, lays loyalties on the line and raises the spectres of suspicion, betrayal and
New characters join the cast, played by Frank Finlay, Paul Shane and June Whitfield, with James Nesbitt as a parish priest

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Genre: TV

Release Date: 24th November 2014

Running Time: 339 min

Cat No: 139261

Barcode: 5019322392613

No Disc: 2

Certification: 15

Format: DVD