Cariboo Trail

Starring: Randolph Scott, George Gabby Hayes, Bill Williams

Jim Redfern dreams of owning his own cattle ranch and along with his partners Mike Evans and Ling heads off on the Cariboo Trail into the interior of British Columbia Theres a gold rush on and along the way theyre joined by oldtimer Grizzly Winters, a prospector who hasnt had much luck of late They soon come up against Frank Walsh whose men stampede their cattle Evans is severely injured forcing Redfern to amputate his left arm Evans hates him for that and will have nothing to do with him or his dream of the cattle ranch Walsh owns the local town making it difficult for Redfern to get reestablished Things begin to go his way when he finds gold

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Genre: Film

Release Date: 19th July 2013

Year of production: 1950

Director: Edwin L Marin

Running Time: 81 min

Cat No: 134968

Barcode: 5019322349686

No Disc: 1

Format: DVD