An Actors Life for Me

Starring: John Gordon Sinclair,Victor Spinetti,Gina McKee

emstrongAll the worlds a stage for a wannabe actor whos always playing the fool!strongem

strongJohn Gordon Sinclair is Robert, an aspiring actor willing to do anything for that elusive big break But with his agent signing him up as a stuntman, he is more likely to break his neck Meanwhile his girlfriend has to wait in the wingsstrong

Certain that its only a matter of time before he makes it, struggling actor Robert throws himself into every role, taking break a leg a bit too literally!

Fiance Sue (emGina McKee, Notting Hillem) is always on hand to support and encourage him,whilst his lessthancapable agent Desmond (emVictor Spinetti, A Hard Days Nightem) desperately tries to flog his talent unsuccessfully

strongAdapted with much skill from the radio show and given added depthstrong strongand humour The Scotsmanstrong

First broadcast in 1991, following on from a hugely popular run on BBC Radio 2, the series was written by Paul MayhewArcher (emThe Vicar of Dibley, Miranda, Esio Trotem) and costarred Benedict Taylor (emNotes on a Scandalem) and Sophie Dix (emThe Advocateem)

On DVD for the very first time, the series sees Robert auditioning for the role of a chauffeur, without a driving license starring as a corpse, whilst sniffling through a cold and playing a transvestite in a sex farce the same weekend that his girlfriends parents demand to watch him at work!

Episodes are A Kiss is Just a Kiss, I Can Do That, Fathers and Sons, May the Farce Be With You, Night of the Living Dead and Not Suitable for Parents

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Genre: Tv Series

Release Date: 7th September 2015

Year of production: 1991

Director: Bryan Izzard

Running Time: 174 min

Cat No: 163491

Barcode: 5019322634911

Certification: 12

Format: DVD