Adrift - People of a lesser God

Starring: Dominique Mollard

Desperate for a better future, they gamble with their lives

2015 saw unprecedented numbers of African migrants making desperate voyages across the sea to seek refuge and a better life in Europe. Their plights, and the tragedies that so often accompanied them, made headlines across the globe and brought a new strain of human trafficking to the world stage.  Adrift, People of a Lesser God tells their story.

They came from the wastelands of Africa. They crossed deserts and savannahs, dodged migrant mafias and corrupt police to make their escape, travelling like sardines in a leaky canoe.

They’d do anything to leave behind the poverty of their homeland, but adrift in the middle of the ocean, they soon realise that the Atlantic is far larger than they ever imagined.

This is the inside story of an incredible, yet far from unique, odyssey. Pulitzer prize winning filmmaker Dominique Mollard sails with 38 African migrants, including a mother and baby just five months old, out of West Africa on a fraught quest to reach the safe shores of Europe.

Mollard’s incredible documentary captures the struggles of the harrowing journey as the voyagers set out under a full moon, defended from the elements only by their yellow raincoats and determination, and brave their way across the unforgiving Atlantic to risk their lives in the hope of a better future.

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Genre: Documentary

Release Date: 20th July 2015

Year of production: 2010

Director: Dominique Mollard

Running Time: 100 min

Cat No: 163501

No Disc: 1

Certification: Exempt

Format: DVD