A Year to Remember - 1956

President Nasser nationalizes Egypt’s Suez Canal, triggering an international crisis that puts Britain’s status as a superpower to the test. Khrushchev visits the country in an effort to ease tensions just as his tanks are crushing the Hungarian Uprising. The UK builds the world’s first nuclear power station. The IRA launches its border campaign in the north.

The nation is in flux – and we’ve caught it all on film.

Using one of the most extensive newsreel archives in the world, British Pathé provides a comprehensive look at a year that shaped the country’s future indelibly. Step back in time, and – through the broadcasts of the day – experience what it was like to live in such a turbulent period.

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Release Date: 23rd May 2016

Running Time: 36 min

Cat No: 166473

Barcode: 5019322664734

No Disc: 1

Certification: Exempt

Format: DVD