A Sense of Guilt

Starring: Trevor Eve, Jim Carter, Lisa Harrow, Rudi Davies

Written by the bestselling author Andrea Newman
Trever Eve is the antihero at the heart of Andrea Newmans classic drama of adultery
Trevor Eve (Waking the Dead, Troy) is Felix Cramer, a mediocre and frustrated novelist who is fast approaching middle age and suffering writers block When Cramer develops a fascination for the eighteen year old daughter of his best friend Richard (Jim Carter) an illicit affair gradually begins Sally (Rudi Davies) is about to leave for university but falls hopelessly in love When the affair is exposed, simmering family tensions finally explode and Cramers actions come to dramatically affect the lives of everyone around him
From author Andrea Newman (A Bouquet of Barbed Wire), this gripping drama examines the damaging consequences of a dangerous affair and features Trevor Eve in one of his most antiheroic roles So convincing was his portrayal that Newman received letters from women claiming to know the reallife loverat she based the character on
This seven part BBC series is widely hailed as a classic drama exploring the complexities and contradictions of love, friendship, marriage and adultery

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Genre: TV

Release Date: 13th October 2014

Running Time: 344 min

Cat No: 139246

Barcode: 5019322392460

No Disc: 2

Format: DVD