The UK's leading company supplying DVDs & CDs to the over 50s demographic.
A major Rights Holder of Movies & TV Programmes.

Rights Partners

Simply is the UK’s leading Rights Acquisition company in the niche over 50s segment . It has a well-established Library of Rights with over 650 DVD titles and 400 CD lines either under contract or owned outright. The recent acquisition of Zenith Entertainment International Ltd added well known titles such as 55 Degrees North, Prick Up Your Ears, Hamish Macbeth and Rhodes. The number of Digital/Download titles has recently materially increased. Many of the DVD titles are also in the process of being made available as Downloads, for example: Eyewitness. In addition Simply has in excess of 50,000 audio tracks available for download much enhanced by its acquisition of Delta’s Leisure Group’s Rights in September 2015.

Negotiations are in hand which will result in a further significant increase in Rights Acquisitions by Simply which will be available on a B to B and B to C basis, throughout the coming year.

Titles include: Our Friend In North (TV), Woman of Straw (1965) – starring Sean Connery (FILM), Dr Finlay (TV), Another Man’s Poison (1951) – Starring Bette Davis (FILM), Doom watch (TV) Not as a Stranger (Featuring Frank Sinatra) (FILM). War & Peace (TV), Threads (FILM), Dancing With Crime (1947) – Starring Richard Attenborough (FILM), In Search of the Dark Ages (TV)