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A major Rights Holder of Movies & TV Programmes.

Acquisition Policy

The Corporate Ethos is to grow laterally and synergistically, not only via organic growth but by Corporate Acquisition linked to high management standards with a tight focus on efficiencies and the bottom line. Simply has specialised in sector consolidation through the acquisition of businesses and/or assets primarily of competitors such as DD Home Entertainment in August 2007, Music and Memories in April 2011, The Webb Group (Webb Ivory) in March 2012, MovieMail in September 2014 and Delta Leisure Group’s Intellectual Property Rights in September 2015, and Zenith Entertainment International Ltd in March 2016.

Simply is aggressively seeking new acquisition opportunities which are complimentary, or synergistic, to its current activities. At any one time Simply is usually in discussions with at least one, and often several, parties with a view to making an acquisition. Simply aspires to lateral, or synergistic, growth within media generally and reviews potential areas for growth as they arise on an opportunistic basis. It works with a number of intermediaries, and business brokers and welcomes the opportunity to meet any parties who can make relevant introductions.