Star Maidens

Starring: Judy Geeson, Lisa Harrow, Gareth Thomas

strongMen are born to serve on Medusa, the planet ruled by the Star Maidens!strong

strongThe 1970s cult scifi series that tackled gender wars head onstrong

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Medusa is a matriarchal society ruled by women Men are inferior beings, relegated to performing menial tasks Women are assigned men as servants to satisfy all their needs and desires

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Herded meekly by security guards armed with paralysing rayguns, men know no better than to observe the status quo until Medusa collides with a comet The planet hurtles through interstellar space and and enters the orbit of Earth a world rumoured to be ruled by men!

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Adam, a fearless rebel, flees his keeper, beautiful supreme councilor Fulvia Aided by his loyal friend Shem, he steals a space yacht and heads for this sanctuary to claim political asylum

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In order to get the escaped men to return, tough security chief Octavia takes two earth scientists hostage Dr Rudi Schmidt is assigned menial work while his female assistant Liz is treated like a queen

Can the two planets and the two sexes learn to coexist equally in the same universe

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strongThis unique AngloGerman battleofthesexes scifi series, filmed in England in 1975, has not been shown on British TV since 1978 and remained shrouded in mystery until now!strong

Extras include an exclusive interview with Gareth Thomas

Directed by Oscarwinner Freddie Francis (emThe Elephant Manem) and featuring cinematography from Alan Hume (emStar Wars Episode V1 Return of the Jedi)em

Created by Eric Paice em(The Brothers Dixon of Dock Greenem)

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Release Date: 17th April 2017

Year of production: 1976

Director: Freddie Francis

Running Time: 390 min

Cat No: 167521

No Disc: 3

Certification: PG

Format: DVD