College Swing

Starring: George Burns, Gracie Allen, Martha Ray, Bob Hope

College Swing opens in 1738, as Gracie Alden (Gracie Allen) fails for the ninth time to graduate from the college her illustrious grandfather founded.

In his will he leaves the whole kit and caboodle to the first female Alden to graduate within 200 years. And now in 1938, with the deadline approaching, another Gracie Alden (played by guess who!) is determined to pass muster, by hook or by crook.

She does so by invading the college with a bunch of her vintage vaudevillian cronies, including fast-talking sidekick Bob Hope. Immediately the sober halls of academe are transformed into an all-singin’, all dancin’, jumping jitterbugging joint!

More information

Genre: Film

Release Date: 9th May 2016

Year of production: 1938

Director: Raoul Walsh

Running Time: 86 min

Cat No: 164455

Barcode: 5019322644552

No Disc: 1

Certification: PG

Format: DVD