Broken Lance

Starring: Spencer Tracy, Robert Wagner, Katy Jurado and Richard Widmar

Based on Shakespeare’s King Lear, director Edward Dmytryk’s powerful Oscar-winning Western is the epic tale of a rancher and his four sons.
Cattle baron Matt Devereaux (Spencer Tracy) rules his vast empire with a ruthless hand. Matt’s greatest love is for his Indian wife, Princess (Katy Jurado) and their son Joe (Robert Wagner). Matt’s three sons from a previous marriage deeply resent them.
When Devereaux illegally raids a copper mine that has been polluting his water, it leads to trouble for his youngest son. Joe takes the rap for his father’s crime and is sent to jail.
When Joe emerges from prison he finds that his world has changed; his rebellious step-brothers have driven his mother away and destroyed their father’s cattle empire.
Oscar winning screenplay and a terrific score combine to make this take of greed, corruption and revenge one of the greatest Westerns Ever Made

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Genre: Film

Release Date: 12th May 2014

Director: Edward Dmytryk

Running Time: 90 min

Cat No: 135033

Barcode: 5019322350330

No Disc: 1

Format: DVD