Born to Run

Starring: Billie Whitelaw, Marian McLoughlin, Crissy Rock

“What we pay the license for” – Independent

Byron Flitch (Keith Allen, Trainspotting, The Others) is not enjoying his anniversary party.

Instead of making him a partner in their classic car business, his father Burke (Terence Rigby) has demanded that he work harder. His mistress Judith could arrive to gate crash the celebrations at any moment and to top things off midway through the line “I’m gonna live forever” from his Karaoke Fame rendition, his father keels over with a heart attack.

Amidst the chaos, Burke’s wife Lili sees a chance to make her escape and ducks out of the party to leave for an impromptu holiday in Tenerife. When she returns, she is a changed woman and intent on taking up marathon running…

 “A script as bold, emotionally powerful and downright wacky as this needs a director with a very wide range. The smart move the BBC made was to hire Jean Stewart.” – Independent

Meanwhile, with Burke critically ill and Lili off guard, the rest of the family squabble for control of the business.

This six part black comedy, part family drama, part dark farce is “Chariots of Fire meets Shirley Valentine” (Independent) with a hilarious twisting script and incredible performances across the cast. “Keith Allen…turned in a performance so sensitive, so honest, so funny and so new…that I was mesmerised by it. Allen is a star.” – Independent

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Genre: Tv Series

Release Date: 7th September 2015

Year of production: 1997

Director: Jean Stewart

Running Time: 339 min

Cat No: 163493

Format: DVD